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When You Were Never Granted or no Longer Have a Nursing Compact License

Most nurses in compact states are granted an additional nursing license along with their state’s nursing license. This additional license is called the nursing compact license. A nursing compact license allows nurses to have the privilege and mobility to practice across state lines in other compact states physically, telephonically, or electronically. A nursing compact state is a state that is part of a collection of states that have an agreement to recognize each other’s nursing licenses.

work on your compact license

Most states are part of the nursing compact, but a few are not and these are:

There are currently eight states that have pending legislation to become part of the enhanced nursing compact program, and these are:

When you move from another state to Texas to work as a nurse, you can work on your compact license if you have moved from a nursing compact state.

A nurse, however, can lose the privilege of having a nursing compact license.

Additionally, a nurse may have never been granted a nursing compact license. There are various reasons a nurse might lose or never be granted their compact privilege. These reasons include,

In these instances, when you face any of these four conditions that prevent you from being able to work under a nursing compact license and you need to move from another state to Texas, you can apply for an endorsement.
work under a nursing compact license

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eligible to take apply for and receive Texas endorsement

An endorsement is the process of issuing a permanent license to a nurse without the nurse having to take additional or further examination from another jurisdiction or licensing authority after the Texas Board of Nursing (TBON) determines that the nurse meets the same standards as those required of a Texas nurse.

For you to be eligible to take apply for and receive Texas endorsement you must have

If you have previously held a Texas nursing license, you are not eligible to apply for endorsement. In this situation, you should either renew or reactivate the Texas nursing license.

Receiving approval from TBON for your endorsement application is not automatic. Depending on the circumstances of your case, the TBON might deny your application for endorsement.

Circumstances that could cause a denial of endorsement include

being under a board order from another state involving intemperate use of drugs and alcohol and or,

having your nursing license be revoked or previously revoked by your home state or another state board.

In Texas, you can work for six months on a temporary license. The temporary license cannot be extended.

If you feel you could possibly be denied or have been denied endorsement, in order to prevent a gap in employment, it is important that you begin working on applying for endorsement or navigating the issues that are preventing you from being granted endorsement.

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