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When it is Time to Get Your Life Back

You made a mistake in your life that has cost you your nursing license and maybe more. You have done the work required to change your life and are willing to continuing to make additional improvements. You’ve

Now, you want to take the next step and return to the profession you love—nursing.

If this situation describes you, you are likely ready to petition the Texas Board of Nursing (TBON) for the reinstatement of your nursing license. Before petitioning for reinstatement, however, not only do you need to have made the necessary changes that led to your revocation, but you also need to ensure that you have awaited a year since your revocation. Most revoked nurses only need to wait a year before petitioning the TBON for reinstatement while some nurses must wait longer.
complete the reinstatement application

Once you have confirmed that it has been a year since your nursing license was revoked, you must obtain and compile the various documents which will show the TBON that you have made certain changes.

For example, if the reason your nursing license was revoked involved the intemperate use of drugs and or alcohol, you would need to:
and depending on your exact circumstances you might need additional documentation. Once these documents have been complied, you will need to complete the reinstatement application, complete a background check, and submit the required documents to the TBON.

The TBON can accept your request for reinstatement and issue you a Reinstatement Agreed Board Order for your consideration.

Depending on your circumstances, a Reinstatement Agreed Board Order will have different requirements you need to complete in order to have a fully unencumbered nursing license.

On the other hand, the TBON can decide they need to speak to you to determine whether you should be reinstated. A meeting called an Informal Conference will be scheduled. At the Informal Conference you can be represented by a nursing license defense attorney, or anyone of your choosing, or you can chose to only bring yourself, or you can have someone there who you believe will be able to speak positively about you and the changes you have made.

At the Informal Conference, there will be various TBON members who will have questions for you centered around whether you are a nurse that is safe to allow back into practice. At the end of the Informal Conference, the Board will almost always have a decision regarding whether or not you can be reinstated.

Informal Conference

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Reinstatement Agreed Board Order

If you are reinstated, you will again receive a Reinstatement Agreed Board Order. If you are not reinstated, you can request that you be scheduled for a public hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

Petitioning the TBON is an involved process. If you are thinking about getting your nursing license back, you should consider having a nurse license attorney by your side to guide you through the process.

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